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The Mortgage Minute Introduction

Today is an exciting day! I( want to introduce you to a new weekly segment that The Findlay Mortgage Team is rolling out called the mortgage Minute. The project was born out of the idea that through sharing our expertise and knowledge we can create a world of more accessible capital for our clients.

We understand that the world of finance can be hard and frankly confusing unless you do it day in and day out. We find that by the time most borrowers are done their mortgage consultation they’ve heard so many mortgage acronyms like LTV, GDS/TDS, DSCR that their head is spinning. This video series is specifically made to break down specific parts of mortgage finance in an easy to understand way to help you fully understand everything there is to know about mortgages without feeling like you just took advanced calculus.

The goal of these videos are to pack as much information as possible about a specific subject in under 2 min. If you have anything you want us to cover feel free to drop it in the comments below. That has been your mortgage minute. Take care.

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