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Fuel Your Passion

The Findlay Mortgage Team was born out of the idea that through exceptional service and expertise we can create a world of more accessible capital for our clients.  We pride ourselves on being unique because we understand that the solutions our clients require are not cookie cutter. We like to think of ourselves as financial architects, moulding a financing solution the same way a tailor would create a custom suit.

Customer Experience

We understand that your project is more than a quick application, we take time and listen to your story, to understand your vision, and to feel your passion. This is why we exist! We are here to ensure that the force that drives you to keep moving forward acts as the fuel to propel your project towards completion.

The Heart Of Our Business

lasting relationships are central to the success of our business. This is why YOU are at the heart of all that we do. We work closely to create quality bespoke solutions as trusted experts in our field. Through this,  we create  an environment of professionalism and trust to ensure that our relationship transcends the work we accomplish. 

Meet The Team


Josh Findlay


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Ehren Laycock


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