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Products And Services

The Findlay Mortgage Team is on a mission to bridge the gap between capital and opportunity by providing custom mortgage solutions to borrowers in circumstances where larger financial institutions are not an option. 

Our vision is to create a world of more accessible capital by being the definitive funding choice for small-to-medium-sized developers. By applying the appropriate combination of borrower support with premium lending products we create bespoke solutions for each stage of development.

Land Acquisition

Land acquisition  & Servicing

Financing for the purchase and soft cost servicing of undeveloped land.  

Mezzanine Financing 

Postponed and subordinated equity and mezzanine loans to help you meet your financing obligations.

Bridge Financing

 Interim financing options for properties under development that require short-term financing solutions.

Construction Financing

Finance your new construction project using short term or interim loan advances as work progresses. 

Take out Financing

When your project is complete finding a long-term financing option that replaces short-term interim debt.

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