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Bridging The Gap Between Capital And Opportunity

At The Findlay Mortgage Team we understand that each situation is unique and we believe that providing financial education and access to capital will open the door to client success.


Ensuring that the force that drives you to keep moving forward acts as the fuel to propel your project towards completion.

Client Experience

We leverage our passion for finance with the latest technology to provide the best possible mortgage experience for our clients. 


Our smart online mortgage application  allows for a streamlined end to end digital mortgage experience.  We utilize machine learning and cloud technology to cater to the modern applicant. 

Our Range Of Services

Financing for the purchase and soft cost servicing of undeveloped land.  

Land Acquisition & Servicing

Mezzanine Financing 

Postponed and subordinated equity and mezzanine loans to help you meet your financing obligations.

Bridge Financing

 Interim financing options for properties under development that require short-term financing solutions.

Construction Financing

Finance your new construction project using short term or interim loan advances as work progresses. 

Take out Financing

When your project is complete finding a long-term financing option that replaces short-term interim debt.

Modern Kitchen

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